Simple Violin

  • Material: Spruce, Maple, Ebony

I admire musical instrument making, which demands more delicate construction than furniture making and has an extra function; tone. This is a simplified violin.

Sculptures SHÔ

  • Material: Aluminum, Washi (Japanese paper), persimmon tannin

Art Project "SHÔ" by Treibgut. My task was to measure the original small objects, draw blueprints, construct framework models on scale, and enlarge these frameworks up to real size. In collaboration with other artists, we realised floating sculptures for performing art at Tour & Taxis.

Louis XV style Table "Bonheur de Jour"

  • Material: Beech, Oak, Yew / Veneer: European Walnut, Cherry, Ebiara, Ebony

Rococo style table with baroque motif marquetry on table top. I was shortly enrolled in Antwerp Academy: I put all the knowledge and techniques that I learned there into this furniture. To finish, I applied French polishing.

Arm Chair

  • Material: Kenari

Inspired by Scandinavian furniture I designed a wide seat in order to be able to sit cross-legged.